TXTONOMY™ offers a Chatbot Strategy Package for healthcare institutions to learn about chatbots, identify sensible starting points, and develop an implementation strategy that includes measuring ROI along the way.

67% of consumers used chatbots to resolve customer service options in the last year and the trend is continuing to skyrocket.

By 2026 it is estimated that clinical health AI applications will create close to $150 billion in annual savings for the U.S. healthcare economy alone. As patient experience is a critical component of today’s healthcare landscape, healthcare providers need to build in a plan to incorporate chatbots into all facets of patient care and provider education. However, healthcare regulations and the complexity of technology infrastructure make implementing chatbots more challenging than in other industries.

TXTONOMY™ is a group of healthcare professionals with expertise in medical chatbot implementation. Having designed and deployed chatbots across a wide range of care processes and professional medical education, the TXTONOMY™ group has done the heavy lifting in developing the key focal strategies to adopting chatbots within a healthcare system.

What You Get

  • Basic chatbot video courses
  • Facilitating chatbot symposia for key stakeholders
  • Chatbot technical white paper with accompanying webinars
  • Library of out-of-the-box chatbots for key care processes to be used to pilot and test
  • Providing a framework and template for Chatbot IRB studies including potential publication
  • Chatbot strategies in STAR/MACRA/MIPS and ongoing quality improvement
  • FHIR and Smart on FHIR analysis and EMR implementation strategy
  • Authoring a 3-year implementation strategy plan for your healthcare system including cost analysis